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We make positive change in ways of working in rail and construction through digital transformation

Capture and collate information from site easily, automate the analysis of the data and create specified reports and analytics tailored to individual users. Enhance collaboration with the project team and key project stakeholders in real time and drive data driven decision making on your projects.



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By easily collating onsite information through our app, the automatated data feeds the project team, enhacing time efficencies for all roles on the project.


Reduce cost through digital efficencies and have ulitmate cost control with real time information delivered through our reports and dashboards.


Go paperless with one system to cover signs off, report completition and other typical paper processes, all managed effectively and efficently.

Ease of use

Specifically designed user interface for the rail and construction industry for minimal inputs to achieve maximum outputs from onsite.

Make data driven decisions

Have all the key information at the project and site teams fingertips by having all the key data immediately, processed in real time.

Remove silo working

Input and view information from all areas of your business or projects, data can be shared across the organisation and benchmarked.


Data captured from site equips the projects teams with dashboards, graphs and reports, these can be tailored for each role on the project team.

Easy digital transformation

Seemless intergration of our digital tools by people who have shared the pain of collecting and managing paperwork on major projects.

Key benefits of using Censite

Core Features

  • Digitise your site and project processes

  • Make you projects completely Paperless

  • One platform technology to empower you site and project teams with real time data from site

  • Digitise all Site documents and share them with the team instantaneously

  • Offline functionality gives access to documents, forms and reports anytime and anywhere

  • Capture briefing sign off digitally

  • Full support

  • Available on iOS and Android

Site Report

  • Create bespoke site reports around project specific deliverables

  • Capture site information in real time completing your digital site diary

  • Report and monitor performance against planned outputs

  • Real time construction site report

  • Add and create close call reports

  • Add and assign snags and track close out

  • Add resources, suppliers, and costs

  • Add notes and photos

  • Create distribution lists to ensure all key stakeholders are kept updated with site progress

Site Forms

  • Build easy to use onsite forms, capturing key events and data

  • Easily digitise your current paper forms and workflows

  • Empower your teams with access to complete all documentation in one app

  • Create all types of site and company forms

  • Allocate forms to specific projects or company wide

  • Work offline and auto sync

Planned V Actual (PVA)

  • Import your project schedule into Censite from your planning software (Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, Excel)

  • View planned works on the planned works calendar giving you a snapshot of works on a Monthly, Weekly and Daily basis

  • Assign activities to team members to report against

  • Track progress of completion on the Planned Works Calendar and in-app Dashboards


  • Automated data collated from site creates dashboards, graphs and reports

  • Create your own bespoke Project Dashboards with real time analytics immediately available from site updates

  • Create Portfolio Dashboards to enable you to view performance of projects across your portfolio quickly

  • Integration with business intelligence software

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Censite Features

We work with

What our team said...

Vinz Kuech – Construction Manager – BR Rail

"If there are any issues picked up on the reports we don’t have to wait for the teams to return to the office. We can view on Censite in real time and tell them to return to site and resolve any issues"

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