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Manage the entire inventory of tools, assets, stock and consumables. Each asset and user have their own profile and history enabling detailed reports to be created. This enhances control and accountability of every asset through the lifecycle of their use.

Simple to use

Preventing tool losses and late off-hires costs.


Enhancing control of your tool inventory.


Tracking condition of tools during the hire period.

Key benefits of using Censite Stores


Tracking the use of the tools/assets, stock & consumables has never been easier. From ‘Asset in’, to ‘Sign Over’ to ‘Remove Asset’, the status of your inventory can be tracked at every transaction enhancing control and making the lives of the site team easier.


Add Censite Stores tags to your assets to start the Censite Stores process. Prior to implementation we'll produce a detailed plan based upon your requirements. We can supply all types of tags to fit your needs and ensure your entire inventory can be managed.


Digitalising inventory management for projects with stores

We tag, track and manage tool inventory, in real time, reducing losses and preventing late off-hires, monitoring condition and saving costs.

What our team said...

Tom Bowles - Rail Manager (Farnham) - Vital Possession Management

"Having StoresMate gives the team full visibility of all equipment across our workforce. It was really difficult to track before StoresMate. Our Site staff can easily issue equipment to our staff and mange more efficiently"

We work with



Tag Costs

Monthly Fee

Ready to find out more?

Censite Stores Features

Asset In

Assets entered on the Inventory using the mobile application for ease of use. This gives the ability to enter assets at anytime, anywhere.


Assets can be signed over to authorised users which is tracked in the inventory. Giving management confidence in accountability of their assets.

View Inventory

View tool users, asset conditions, calibration, PAT testing dates and off- hire dates all in real time.


Manage consumables to reduce unnecessary waste on stock, items and PPE. Identify the trends of these to ensure cost control.

Off Hiring

Reduce hire costs through managed information of all hired assets.  Receive sign off on condition to eliminate damage costs.


Managing data captured from site equips the projects teams with dashboards and reports of the whole inventory.

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