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What our team said...

Steve Freeman – Managing Director

"Having CensiteStores allows me to track tools and equipment across my teams in real time. I had issues previously with hire companies charging for damages when equipment was off-hired. CensiteStores gives me photographic evidence of the condition of equipment throughout the hire."


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BR Rail

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BR Rail carry out work on behalf of principle contractors on a number of different projects including Planned Preventative Maintenance works and minor projects. They are also a Training Provider carrying out a wide variety of railway safety training and assessments.

BR Rail have many teams working across the south of England and Wales.

Managing the assets geographically was becoming challenging and they were looking for a system to help them manage their tool inventory more effectively.

How is CensiteStores Used?

CensiteStores was implemented across the BR Rail business to allow additional traceability on location and condition of assets.

All assets, both owned and on-hire were tagged with the CensiteStores SmartTags and photos of current condition were added.

Each Van was set up as a virtual store to enable full traceability of transfer of assets between the different teams.

Consumable items from the main store were also added to the system allowing for efficient stock control.

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