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What our team said...

Rob Wands – Head of Operations

"Deploy have been using CensiteStores for several years and it has revolutionised the way in which we manage our PPE, tools and equipment.

Not only is it an extremely efficient way of managing all our assets and consumables, it also saves us time and money while ensuring we are compliant with the requirements of the Sentinel scheme along with Network Rail and London Underground requirements.

As the Project Control Tools team are continually improving the platform we are immediately seeing the benefits. As a tool designed with the Rail industry in mind it takes full advantage of existing technology such as Sentinel cards and handheld technology while remaining agile enough to be used in any setting outside of the rail industry."


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Deploy UK

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Deploy UK are part of the DE Group of companies and specialise in the supply of white-collar staff to the Rail Industry.

Having a Transient workforce made tracking assets throughout the business difficult to manage. Safety Critical equipment was being found to be out of calibration, damage was not reported and in some cases equipment was going missing.

Deploy UK needed a solution to help manage their entire inventory, track where equipment was and ensure all equipment was calibrated and fit for purpose.

How is CensiteStores Used?

CensiteStores was implemented across the Deploy UK business covering multiple store locations.

All owned equipment is tagged with the CensiteStores Smart Tags, allowing users both inside and outside of the app to scan the Tag and attain all key information relating to that asset. Ideal for onsite audits by outside parties.

Assets are scanned over to Users Sentinel Cards enabling Deploy UK to see who has been assigned each asset and track condition of asset throughout its use.

Photos can be taken at each transaction to record any deterioration of condition throughout use.

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