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What our team said...

Joe Allen - Site Engineer

"Having access to Censite allowed me to view all design information and standards on my phone. I was able to complete ITP’s through the app which saved me time having to double input data from paper"


Cambridge Phase 3


4 Months

Keltbray Rail

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Keltbray were awarded a contract to carry out track and OLE installation for Phase 3 of the Cambridge Sidings project.

Keltbray had used Censite on the previous phase of the project whilst carrying out OLE works and wanted a platform which enabled the project to be come paperless.

Due to COVID restrictions and reduced staff access to site, it was really important that the information being collated on site was available quickly to allow the PM, QS and planned to review and make decisions proactively.

How is Censite Used?

Digital Documentation - All site information was uploaded to Censite allowing easy access on site.

Site Reporting - Daily Site Report was completed by Site Manager comparing Planned vs Actual outputs and resources.

Pre-Possession checklists, ITP’s and Quality inspections were created using the form builder. The site team completed these digitally.

Site Reports and Forms were sent to key stakeholders through the Censite app giving access to completed documentation daily.

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