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What our team said...

Tom Bowles – Rail Manager (Farnham)

"Having CensiteStores gives the team full visibility of all equipment across our workforce. It was really difficult to track before CensiteStores. Our Site staff can easily issue equipment to our staff and mange more efficiently"


Possession Management



Vital Rail

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Vital carry out critical possession management support across the country and use Censite Stores to manage their equipment across the workforce and worksites. With a transient workforce and a large geographical area, it is crucial that teams have the correct equipment to carry out works.

How is CensiteStores Used?

All possession management equipment is tagged with the CensiteStores smart tags and issued to possession management staff through the CensiteStores app. All required service and calibration dates and certification is added to each asset.

The senior management team have access to real time data on the status of all items.

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