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NWR WD – Track North carry out track renewals and maintenance across the LNE route from York to the Scottish Borders.

They have implemented Censite with the Track Delivery team to digitise the site and project management processes. With multiple teams carrying out renewal and refurbishments across the North East of England 24/7, it is important that communication of site progress is clear and available in real time.

How is Censite used?

Digital Documentation - Site information such as specifications, design information and Line diagrams are uploaded to Censite in Rail Week Folders.

Site Reports - Daily Site Reports are completed by teams across the portfolio and sent directly from Censite to all key stakeholders.

Site Forms - Forms have been created to digitise site process such as scoping documents, rail drop inspections.

Briefings - Daily Task Briefings and ToolBox talks are completed digitally by the Site Supervisors.

What our team said...

Alex Canizo - Works Delivery Manager

"We were looking at solutions to allow us to go paperless when delivering our projects. We wanted a system which was easy to use for our teams on site and allow reports and forms to be completed and viewed in real time.

With Censite we have a system that has reduced 95% of the paperwork we used to have on site and the quality of information we are receiving from our teams has improved.

As soon as I wake up in a morning I can see progress across all sites, any issues encountered and plan for any remedial works much more efficiently"

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