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March 2017

Inception of SiteMate


June 2017

PCT Incorporated

July 2018

JV finalised with Waymark IT

March 2020

Waymark CEO & CTO Join PCT Board of Directors

October 2018

Development of MVP for SiteMate

April 2019

MVP Live Date

July 2021

Close 1st Investment Round

July 2022

Re-branding of Products


July 2018

Development of MVP for StoresMate

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Having worked on some of the largest infrastructure projects in the UK, our founders met whilst working for a Rail Contractor.

Having a shared passion for wanting to make the lives of the project team easier, SiteMate was born.

After exciting discussions and initial market research PCT was incorporated.

Following a UK wide search for software developers to help bring our products to our users we selected Waymark IT as our developer of choice.


After a lot of scoping and ideas sessions, both PCT and Waymark agreed that a Joint Venture would be a fantastic opportunity for both businesses.

With a strong Technical Knowledge and deep understanding of the market and pain points it created a strong foundation.

With the JV finalised, it was time to start the development of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for StoresMate.

The development of the MVP for SiteMate soon followed.

MVP’s for SiteMate and StoresMate went live.

This was an exciting time for the business as we got our products in to the hands of our clients!

As we received more feedback from our clients the technical team were continuously improving both products.

The MVP’s became more developed and were bringing more benefits to our clients.

After nearly three years since first meeting and with the ongoing development of two products the Joint Venture between PCT and Waymark came to an end.

The Waymark CEO and CTO joined the Board of Directors at PCT and we continued our growth journey!

After an exciting period of growth PCT closed their first investment round in July 21.

The investment has enabled the PCT Team to grow in key areas of development, sales and marketing.

Following continuous development and improvement of products and services, the PCT suite was re-branded.


The new branding aligns our suite of products with the future vision of PCT

We work with

The PCT Journey

Project Control Tools over the years.

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