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A few processes
The Stats 

33% of construction companies have not taken any measure to reduce their paperwork.

The cost of not going digital can have huge implication on the ability to complete projects on time. Are you giving your digitalised competitors an advantage over you in the market?

Enhanced communication

Reporting of issues can be clear and concise by using digital tools compared to methods using paper and word of mouth.

No lost or damaged paperwork

Paper site documents and reports get lost or damaged easily, causing key project information to be missed. Going digital empowers projects with real time information at the touch of a button.

Automated Data Analysis

Paperwork requires to be input for it be properly utilised into data analysis. By going paperless, the data can be instantly used for KPIs.

Time savings

Save time on reducing double entry and waste of unnecessary admin time on lost or damaged paperwork.

How Software can help

Transfer of Information

Getting information from site back to the project team requires a lengthy admin process creating inefficiencies.

Spiralling Project Issues

Mounting issues on a project means that a ‘Firefighting’ approach is taken. Most proactive planning processes go out of the window.

Defect Close Out

Dispute over defects found on projects mean that re-works required push completion deadlines and increase costs.

What could happen if you don't go paperless?

Many businesses understand the benefits of going paperless, but have you considered the ramifications of what not going paperless could be doing to your projects and ability to win tenders?


Business leaders and project teams are taking note and looking to implement change.


How are you delaying your projects by not going paperless?

Viewing Drawings

A huge amount of paper is required to produce design drawing to the workforce.

Completing onsite paperwork

Completing site documents digitally throughout shifts removes double handling.

Utilising data

Going through paper-based documents to gather information is a lengthy process.

How going paperless can help achieve project deadlines

61% of Construction projects claimed delays were caused my mismanagement of information and communication

Being able to automate project data from site allows access to real time data for the Project Team.


The information from site will be more accurate using a digital process, as information is recorded contemporarily leading to improved decision making by the Project team.

How Censite will help?

Censite is your one stop shop for Digital Transformation on your project

Capture and collate information from site seamlessly, automate the analysis of the data. Have all key reports and documents in one application and encourage the team to fulfil their administration tasks.


Improve your communication with the site team with our intuitive cloud-based software constantly gathering and analysing your site team’s information to allow better data driven decisions on the project.

Easy Digital Transformation

Seamless integration of our digital tools created by people, who have shared the pain of collating, managing, and processing paperwork on major projects.

Make data driven decisions

Have all the key information available at project and site team’s fingertips, by having all the key data at hand and processed in real time.

Remove silo working

Input and view information from all areas of your business or projects, data can be shared across the organisation and benchmarked.


Data captured from site equips the projects teams with dashboards, graphs, and reports, these can be tailored for each role on the project team.

Easy Digital Transformation

Railway Worker

Delaying Projects not going Paperless

Slow data gathering

Gathering information from site is tedious. Documents are often lost creating huge time inefficiencies.

Covid - 19

19By using paper systems, you increase the risk of COVID-19 through the transmission of handling paperwork.

Carbon Footprint

We only have one planet. How many trees could be saved by going digital?

Issues with Current Solutions

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