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The Stats

Transfer of Information

Getting information from site back to the project team requires a lengthy admin process creating inefficiencies.

Spiralling Project Issues

Mounting issues on a project means that a ‘Firefighting’ approach is taken. Most proactive planning processes go out of the window.

Defect Close Out

Dispute over defects found on projects mean that re-works required push completion deadlines and increase costs.

How is poor communication impacting your project?

Communication is key to the success on all projects.


A slick comms process can help all key stakeholders be informed of project progress, issues and resolutions. The flow of information across Main Contractors, Subbies, Designers, clients etc can prevent programme and costs over runs and lead to a safe and quality project delivery.

Construction Projects suffer delays.


Average cost of rework on a project in the UK.


Employees who have experienced problems with poor communication.


How StoresMate can help

Railway Worker

Poor comms in construction

Issues that arise from poor comms 


Incorrect information being sent out or info being sent to the wrong person can cause chaos!

Cost over runs

Poor comms can impact the decision-making on projects. Whether this involves resources or material deliveries, incorrect information can lead to additional unnecessary costs.


Poor comms or lack of comms can lead to key project staff spending a lot of time solving issues that could be easily prevented.

Safety Issues

If safety procedures and working arrangements aren’t clear, the site workforce can be exposed to unnecessary risks and hazards.

Miscommunication between Key Stakeholders

Key stakeholders are involved in all aspects of the Projects lifecycle. The flow of information during the project lifecycle is crucial to the successful delivery.

Quality Issues

Right first-time project delivery is a key goal for all Contractors. Miscommunication and poor information flow can lead to costly reworks. As well as impacting project budget and timeline, this also impacts the Morale of the team.

How to manage comms better

Clear, transparent communication lines between all stakeholders

Setting clear lines of communication at the start of the project will improve communication across stakeholders. Empowering the whole project and site team to be transparent with the supply of

information can reduce risk on the project.

Regular, concise,

informative updates

Establishing an effective reporting schedule, with effective data on each report allows all project stakeholders to have access to real time data on the status of the project.

Effective software solutions

Effective software solutions can give all key stakeholders real time data on the status of the project. This can become the single source of truth for project progress. The Site team have easy to use tool to monitor progress and capture issues early in real time. This empowers management with data to make proactive decisions.

How we can help

One Platform

One platform with access and tools for all key stakeholders.

Access all project data in Real time

Access real time data on project progress, quality issues being raised and closed, safety issues being raised and closed.

Single Source of Truth

Single source of truth for everyone on the project.

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