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A few processes
The Stats

The cost of theft to the UK construction industry is around £800m per year 

Profit Margins on projects are becoming lower and the level of service has never been higher. Missing tools and equipment can be the difference between a profitable or loss-making project. Is the true cost of equipment loss effecting your project’s chance at success?


Reduce losses and damages through enhanced traceability and accountability of the asset through its life cycle. It manages the hire period to reduces late off hire costs. 

Digitalised Inventory 

Removing paper processes from inventory management enables all transactions and key documents to be available. A full history of all assets is available giving contemporary records of each item when moving around site. 


Enhance the control of the inventory with real time data on assets. Allowing the team to manage tools and make data driven decisions.


Allows the workforce to have key information and documents available onsite about the tools, equipment and plant being used.

How software will help

Transfer of Information

Getting information from site back to the project team requires a lengthy admin process creating inefficiencies.

Spiralling Project Issues

Mounting issues on a project means that a ‘Firefighting’ approach is taken. Most proactive planning processes go out of the window.

Defect Close Out

Dispute over defects found on projects mean that re-works required push completion deadlines and increase costs.

 There are many factors to a successful project. 

How many times has a project been deemed a success only to find that the tools, equipment and plant that have been used to deliver have gone missing, damaged or been stolen.


These issues can erode profit margins. 92% of construction companies have been hit by theft across the industry. Business leaders and project teams are taking note and looking to implement change.


What is the true cost of lost equipment within your project and business?

Signing In/Out

Keeping track of the equipment can be managed by signing in and out book to identify the assigned user.

Managing Stores

Having a large inventory of tools and equipment can be successful with an experienced Storeman.

Site Security

Utilising Security staff to manage a site will reduce thefts of key equipment and tools.

The true cost of lost equipment

21% of crime within construction is related to tools, equipment and plant theft.

Being able to tag and track your assets creates accountability within the workforce to manage them better and reduce the thefts of these key items.


Digitising the inventory allows key asset data to be available to the team. The life cycle can be managed and reduce non-compliant tools being used for the work. The true cost of lost equipment?

How will Censite Stores help?

Censite Stores is your one stop shop for Digital Transformation of your inventory

Capture and collate information from your assets, allowing key information from the lifecycle on asset available instantly. Have all key reports and documents in one application as well as dashboard of inventory performance.


Improve your collaboration with your hire company with data protecting the team from unnecessary and additional costs associated with hiring tools, equipment, and plant. Manage compliance of these assets and have the information available whenever required, especially useful during audits on plant and equipment.

Easy Digital Transformation

Seamless integration of our digital tools created by people, who have shared the pain of collating, managing, and processing paperwork on major projects.


Manage consumables to reduce unnecessary waste on stock, items and PPE. Identify the trends of these to ensure cost control. 

Off Hiring 

Reduce Hire costs through managed information of all hired assets. Receive sign off on condition to eliminate damage costs.


Managing Data captured from site equips the projects teams with dashboards and reports of the whole inventory. 

How Censite Stores can help

Railway Worker

True cost of lost equipment 

Protect your Profit Margins with Censite Stores

Make huge reductions in your plant theft, damage, and unnecessary late off hire costs.


Our clients have seen massing savings of 50% on average compared with the previous 12 Months since implementing Censite Stores onto their projects.

Ready to find out more?

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