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Digitally transforming rail and construction projects.

We reduce project spend and increase
efficiencies through our services and software.

Solutions purpose-built for you


Access real time data across your portfolio of projects. Streamline your business operations with Censite.

Main Contractors

Empower your project teams with one platform to digitally transform your projects. Deliver projects on time and on budget with Censite.


Access and capture information from site anytime and anywhere. Make the lives of your teams easier with Censite.

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BR Rail

GEO Access


NWR - Peterborough


NWR - Newcastle

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Digitising all of your site and project processes

Capture and collate information from site easily, automate the analysis of the data and create specified reports and analytics tailored to individual users. Enhance collaboration with the project team and key project stakeholders in real time and drive data driven decision making on your projects.

Digitalising inventory management for projects with stores

We tag, track and manage tool inventory, in real time, reducing losses and preventing late off-hires, monitoring condition and saving costs.


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What our team said...

Vinz Kuech – Construction Manager – BR Rail

"If there are any issues picked up on the reports we don’t have to wait for the teams to return to the office. We can view on Censite in real time and tell them to return to site and resolve any issues"

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